Three occupations switches and after 15 years, Shohel Ahmed rose to what he thought was the pinnacle of his vocation as the head of HR at a nearby aggregate.

Be that as it may, Shohel, at 41 years old, felt overburdened and wore out from dullness. He quit this lucrative employment in 2015. Presently in 2018, he is carrying on with a cheerful life and winning much more as a specialist.

Finding a good pace was definitely not simple.

He initially caught wind of outsourcing from his companions in 2011, however didn’t pay attention to it. In the wake of leaving his place of employment in 2015, he chose to check out it on Upwork – a main independent activity showcase. He set up his profile there, stepped through the necessary examinations and began applying for work in the substance composing classifications. He got his first work – composing an item portrayal for a dehumidifier creator – that got him a minor $10 (around Tk 840).

Step by step, he continued building up his abilities in Search Engine Optimization (the systems of making sites internet searcher well disposed), business methodology advancement and other related zones. He is currently chipping away at differing ventures for customers around the world and procuring up to $20 per working hour.

Shohel isn’t the only one. There are many like him who left their good situations at presumed associations so as to really turn out to be monetarily free.


In an online examination directed by The Daily Star in September on 23 effective specialists, it was uncovered that they are gaining more and have better occupation fulfillment.

Marilin Ahmed, an independent HR proficient, who used to be an administrator of hierarchical advancement in one of the biggest worldwide pharmaceutical organizations, said she was despondent as her work didn’t allow for much else. She needed to live on her own terms. Presently, she is doing precisely that and procuring multiple times more than that of her past activity.

The majority of the 23 full-time specialists had customary occupations and practically every one of them announced higher employment fulfillment and were making twofold to multiple times more than what they used to.

“My present calling permits me to invest a great deal of energy with my kid,” said Kazi Drohee Rahman, a consultant in managerial help.

Among the 23, 16 said their families bolstered their choice; seven answered in the negative.

Shohel said his family is more joyful as his better half and kids would barely observe him when he had an ordinary activity.

Be that as it may, presently when they see that I’m more joyful and increasingly fruitful, they have acknowledged it,” Marilin said.


To the extent the sentiment of social anxiety or distress is concerned, most consultants (14 of the 23) said they felt no uneasiness, while nine confessed to have the sentiment of disquiet at different levels.

In spite of the fact that they know that a few people around them neglect to esteem their calling, they likewise realize that others’ impression of them isn’t in their grasp.

Shaihan Murshed, a product engineer, stated, “I couldn’t care less what others consider me. I do what I excel at and that is what makes a difference.”

Shohel proposed that such sentiment of social distress or nervousness ought not be an issue as outsourcing is simply one more calling.

Various evaluations put the quantity of specialists in the nation to be around 650,000. Fare profit from programming and data innovation empowered administrations in Bangladesh expanded to $800 million of every 2017 from $400 million out of 2014. The administration expects to expand it to over $1 billion by this year and $5 billion by 2021.

Bangladesh is as of now the second biggest nation in providing on the web work, as indicated by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII).